Where will the money go ...?

Blue Phoenix Spirit is committed to openness and transparency.  We will be documenting our journey as we go so that all those that offer support can see how much we have raised and what your money has enabled us to do.  Ignite is only the beginning! 


Tatz and additional staff

In order to facilitate Ignite, Tatz will need to reduce her working hours in her employed roles and earn a wage to support her income.

Blue Phoenix Spirit will need to hire an additional staff member to support Tatz in delivering Ignite.  

As the initiative expands so too will the staff support.  Tatz holds a vision of supporting and empowering the people that she serves that are willing to work within the Blue Phoenix Spirit community.

Equipment & Resources

'Once off' purchases and starter items

~ Projector                                                       ~ Tripod

~ Camera                                                         ~ Speaker

~ Mic                                                                ~ Masonite Clipboards

~ A3 paper and chalk pastels                        ~ Whiteboard and markers                            ~ Storage crates                                             ~ Folding trolley 

~ Therapy cards                                              ~ Specialised journals



Building the community

The greater vision of Blue Phoenix Spirit is to become a Trust that will continue to raise money to offer supports for people far into the future.  

Part of this vision is to acquire a piece of land dedicated to a permaculture lifestyle that has facilities to offer the space for people to heal and immerse into a Soulful experience.  

This will include a variety of programs; retreats and workshops that will support ALL people in living their best lives aligned with nature and supportive of our environment.

Blue Phoenix Spirit offers a holistic therapeutic and spiritual approach to healing and is dedicated to reconnecting people with the sacredness of the Earth.

Make a Donation

Blue Phoenix Spirit is dedicated to igniting the inner fire of passion in others that promotes mental health and well-being