Diving into the Depths ... continuing the exploration of Dark and Light

“The Awareness rests in the infinity of definitely knowing and definitely not knowing. Creation is, whether I am aware of it or not.”

Kathleen Norval

In my previous blog I delved into the space of ego within dark and light, this opened me up into a much deeper exploration which created the arising of an even fuller Awareness. As I sat with the perceptions shared previously an inner shifting occurred like a multitude of explosive realisations … Bam! Bam! Bam! Simply thoughts that I have never before fully contemplated.

In the previous blog I discussed what Eckhart Tolle calls the Primary Being of Formlessness and the Secondary Being of Form, which are the two aspects of who we are. I also opened up the idea of God:

“God who is all duality, masculine and feminine; yin and yang; alpha and beta; dark and light … the all-knowing Presence that exists within all creation binding us together in a web of light that is held within the darkness.”

When we go deeper into this exploration and we look at true darkness, shadow and light, something emerges that opens up a deep inner resonance, a resonance that you will feel when you are ready to feel it, when you are ready to step into the great mystery of knowing without the need to understand.

We are guided always through spiritual teachings to enter into the deep, dark inner stillness in order to connect into the source of our Be~ing. It is in this place that we move beyond the thoughts, the feelings and the physical body. In the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza, we become nobody, in no space and in no time. In other words we enter into the formlessness that is the Source of Creation, Consciousness or God. Can you see what is happening here … darkness is the space of formlessness, it is the great void of no-thingness from which all things arise and to which all things return. It is the space that we cannot intellectually know or understand because it is the great unknown, the deepest mystery, yet we sense that it is there. We can feel this deep inner stillness at the centre of our Be~ing when we enter into meditation and the Awareness of ourselves. We cannot feel this space when we are attached to the egoic self and living from reactivity to life. We can only sense this space when we enter into our Hearts and open ourselves to our deepest truth.

Now, let us look at light and shadow.

Light is form, it is movement. We measure movement by the speed of light and so it is that we can know that it is the essence of all form, that we create the forms of our lives through this energetic force. Shadows require light in order to exist. Shadows cannot exist in the purity of darkness, it is quite simply impossible and if you need to run a little experiment enclose a room and create absolute darkness, are there any shadows there or is it just pure darkness? Now add some light to the room and notice the shadows that arise from the expression of light that illuminates the form of the room. You will know that when there is absolute darkness in the room you cannot observe the form of the room but simply the deep dark formlessness that the room exists in and so it is that when we shine the light, the illusion of the room comes into existence.

Now this is where it begins to get interesting for those of you who have never contemplated this, as it was deeply interesting for me when it arose in my Awareness. We know that the ego self identifies with form which is expressed through our thoughts, feelings, experiences and the beliefs, judgements and attachments that we hold to these aspects of the form of this human experience. That is to say, that the ego requires form in which to exist. It needs to have something to attach itself to in order to be expressed into the life experience. So if the ego requires form in which to come into Be~ing, then the ego actually only exists within the experience of light. If shadow requires light in order to be expressed then so too does the shadow self require light in which to be expressed. In other words, ego cannot exist in the formless space of darkness, it can only ever exist within light.

Our ego self is afraid of the dark, it is afraid of the no-thingness, it is essentially afraid of the formless Be~ing because it cannot exist within the deep dark stillness that is the void of creation itself. Perhaps that is why we have been taught that Light is good and Dark is evil, so that we would lose our ability to step into the creative Be~ings that we are. We are taught to fear the “dark forces” yet this is, in reality, the very place from which light exists. All light is held within the darkness, held within creation, held within the stillness, held within the One Consciousness that is truly God. This then means that we return to the deep dark void in order to meet the Creator. This is the zero point of reality, the space from which we enable ourselves to create the reality that we choose, where we can access inspired thought and our innate inner wisdom that arises from the very centre of our Be~ing, that which is the God within, the very space that does not require to be filled because it is all things within it’s no-thingness.

I shared these “realisations” with my beautiful friend and Mentor, Kathleen and, as usual, she offered me what I have fondly termed “Kathleen’s Eternal Wisdom.” I am going to offer a few of these teachings here in my own expression of her words, with some of my own interpretations:

It is our nature to relax. The centre of our Be~ingness is relaxed. The deep dark inner stillness rests within itself and is the space that does not need to be filled. As we relax we are coming from who we are and we do so because we like to.

When we process within off-centeredness, which is to say from the within the discomfort that we are experiencing, we are in the creation of more off-centeredness. Processing itself is the very resistance to what is and so we deepen into discomfort. When we find ourselves within discomfort it is to the deep dark inner stillness that we should return. We allow what is to be as it is and we relax into the stillness of our Be~ing. The shadow self has the very purpose of bringing us into balance, it is our reminder to return to the centre of our Be~ing, to stillness. When we enter into the formless space we enter into the realisation that I am sufficient and enough, which is the space of wanting nothing, needing nothing, seeking nothing, Be~ing nothing and is the very point of creation itself. When we release our identification with the human experience we return to no-thing, to the source, to God.

The deeper we allow ourselves to sense into this teaching the more we realise that processing is no longer required. We feel and experience whatever it is that is arising in our reality with absolute acceptance and all that is required is a return to the inner stillness, the inner peace that rests and so we open ourselves into a new paradigm, that of true and full surrender. We no longer even require trust in the process because who we are is far greater than the shadow and light aspects of ourselves, this life experience is but one expression of multiple realities simultaneously existing and we further allow the illusion to fall away.

It is interesting that this morning I awoke into an expression of frustration that is so deeply attached to my mind-made self. I acknowledged the moment of discomfort and then looked at how that discomfort expresses itself through the old patterning of my egoic self. I recognised all the usual things that come attached to this particular discomfort and then I chose simply to enter into the still space within. To write this piece that has been waiting to be written and shared, and to deepen into the magnificence of this teaching by integrating it through this very experience that Life has offered to me this day so that the knowledge can be sensed fully through my deepest inner wisdom.

May you be Blessed with an opening within your Be~ing that takes you to the very centre of yourself, that allows you to meet the Creator, that which is innately you.

In La K’ech Ala K’in

I Am Another You


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