The Truth about the Darkness and the Light

I was sharing with a Sister yesterday and in our discussion we were talking about the darkness and the light and the perceptions that are held of these two spaces from a spiritual perspective. We see the darkness as negative and the light as positive. We believe that the darkness holds the “bad stuff” and the light the “good.” Yet when we look at the teachings available to us from vastly different sources we recognise that dark and light are quite simply dualities. Obvious? Yes.

I have heard it spoken that when we are in the darkness of ourselves we are within the illusory aspect of mind-identification expressing from the egoic self and when we are in the light we are connected to the source and we are expressing ourselves from Love and Truth. I myself held this belief at one time, yet this is no longer true for me as I have delved deeply into personal shadow work.

What I have discovered upon my journey is that “ego” exists within the dark and the light and neither is bad nor is it good, it simply is and the creation of dark and light is the wholeness of Be~ing. It is from the dark that light shines and it is from the light that darkness shadows, and within both of these “places” Love exists, it is purely our perception that separates them into opposing positive and negative forces that express themselves in either suffering or joy. Ego, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, is quite simply identification with the mind-made self. The mind-made self exists within suffering and within joy if it is allowed to and it does not differentiate between dark and light.

The deeper we allow ourselves to journey into the darkness the more we open ourselves up to the truth of what it is, a part of the whole. Not a place of deepest darkest suffering but a place where stillness and no-thingness exists. It is the great void that requires no filling but simply rests within itself. We realise that aspects of our greatest suffering can be deeply hidden within the light and we no longer look into only the “shadow self” to seek out the hidden pain, but we allow ourselves to witness, observe and find that some of our pain is glaringly obvious within the shining of light if we actually look for it.

So how does ego exist in both the darkness and the light?

The darkness part is pretty obvious, as this is the one that we all so easily relate to. The light aspect is not quite so obvious but I shall open this up further. When we are in the light Be~ing of ourselves and we are shining into the world our truth, the ego begins to take on all manner of characteristics … rescuer, saviour, teacher, responsibility, self-righteousness, self-importance, self-indulgence and so on. The ego begins to express its own importance because it is now en-light-ened and its role is to step into the space of teacher and teach others how to awaken. Suddenly there is a sense of responsibility for others and the ego then believes it needs to go out into the world and save those that it loves from themselves and when it does not succeed self-doubt creeps in and the ego starts feeling unworthy in its role as a spiritual being. The ego begins to question and can fall into suffering. Another way that may unfold is that the ego begins to feel self-righteous because it has awakened to its truth and it now views those around it that have not awakened as less than they are, it holds judgement of others which feeds the illusion of separation and re-enters suffering. See shadow exists within light.

It is through this deep realisation within my exploration of self that I open my heart to the darkness and the lightness, recognising that this is the whole of my Be~ing. It is from the darkness that we are truly able to shine our light, and I do not mean the darkness of suffering, I mean the darkness that is the stillness within. See light has movement, it travels, yet darkness is still. The darkness is where we find the source of who we are, in the deep stillness of the spaciousness within that aligns fully with the aware Presence of God …

… God, who is all duality, masculine and feminine; yin and yang; alpha and beta; dark and light … the all-knowing Presence that exists within all creation, that binds us together in a web of light that is held within the darkness …

When this Divine truth is opened into your Heart, you will feel the inner shift. You will allow yourself to move through the illusion of suffering from a vastly different perspective and the darkness will become your inner Sanctuary, your place of returning to the source of your Be~ing so that you may express your Light into your world. You will know that you can never in truth be hurt by anyone or anything and that all that you hold in the space of pain is your choice, that you always have free-will to choose how you are in relationship with your life and when you find God within, you will recognise God without. You will begin to shift deeply into acceptance and open into the fullness of yourself with Universal Love in your Heart and life will begin to reflect all that you hold as true in your Heart back to you, just the same way as it is doing for you right now.

If you wish to know what it is that you currently believe in your Heart, simply observe the reflection of your outer world and notice what it is that you feel about it. If you feel unsupported, unloved; unworthy; unsatisfied, then your outer world is going to be un-supporting, unloving, unworthy and dissatisfied. If you feel the Divinity within you then you will have no choice but to feel the beauty, joy, harmony, love and peace that is the truth of who we are and your outer world will be beauty-filled, joyful, harmonious, loving and peaceful.

So it is, that if you are reading this, you have called to yourself a truth that has been hidden from you right within the Light of your Be~ing, a suffering that has held you in separation and challenged you to create a futile fight between dark and light in the belief that one is better than the other. May your Heart explode in this moment into the fullness of who you are and may you recognise the Divine Creative Be~ing that no longer needs to go to war, but can simply rest in the stillness of the dark so you may shine your light fully from truth.

Blessings Beautiful Be~ings of Dark and Light

In La K’ech Ala K’in

I am another you


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