The Beauty of Self Love

For so many, if not most of us, we are rather good at placing our love outside of ourselves by doing so much for so many others and neglecting the one who is of the utmost importance to us. We run around in circles sometimes to make others happy and to fulfil expectations that we hold of ourselves through the experience of our relationships past and present. We have this belief that by doing and being all these things for others that we are expressing love and showing others that we are worthy of being loved in return. We do this whether conscious of it or not. What we don’t realise however, is that by all this doing for others we are not allowing for our own selves to be loved to the degree that we wish to be loved.

“How is this so?” you may ask, well, let me explain. When we are too outwardly focused, whether it is work or relationships in whichever form, we forget about ourselves. Look around you in your life and you will recognise what I am talking about. We get embroiled in work, we get fixated on our love relationships, we become overwhelmed by family duties and looking after children … and we quite simply do not offer our own selves the same level of nurturing that we do for those in our lives. We become frustrated, short-tempered, lost, unfocused and some of us even reach the space of becoming burnt out … and then we sit there wondering why this is so.

There is a reason that we are guided in case of emergency on a plane to place the oxygen mask on our own faces before attempting to help anyone else and this is a reason that we can see the importance of in this circumstance, yet fail to realise in our daily lives. We believe that we offer those around us our undying love and support, yet in truth what we offer is only a fragment of our love and authentic selves. We can only offer to others the level of love that we have for our own selves and we can only be loved by others at that very same level.

For example, if the level of love you hold for yourself is low, then that is the truth of what you are giving and receiving, because all our relationships and experiences reflect for us our state of consciousness and if our consciousness is shrouded in the illusion of separation, judgement, non-acceptance and resistance then the love that we feel for ourselves and our lives is conditional and not love in its truest form. This means that we draw to ourselves more of the same and so our outward reality reflects for us our inner reality.

When the truth of this becomes deeply apparent and we learn how to observe and listen to the guidance that is around and through us at all times, in all circumstances without exception, we begin to shift into a different way of Be~ing. We begin to take response-ability in our lives, we begin to recognise that we are the creators of our reality in every single moment, we begin to open up to the intelligence that is operating within us and this changes our very perception of ourselves into powerful and magnificent Be~ings.

Take a moment here to digest this fully.

Just bring your attention to your breath and watch as it flows in and out of your body.

Put your hand on your heart and feel the rhythm as it beats within your chest.

Now, simply observe this happening and consider the simple fact that you are doing nothing to make yourself breathe or to cause your heart to beat.

Stay like this for as long as you like before continuing to read.

When we actually take the time to notice the intelligence at work within us, we begin to realise that God is not outside of ourselves but right within the very fabric of our Be~ing and this in itself offers a realisation of the actual magnitude of who we truly are and how connected we actually are to all life. It is from this realisation that we are able to know ourselves as Creators and recognise that everything that has ever and will ever occur in our lives has been of our own creation, this is when we truly step into the space of response-ability and then begin the task of conscious creation.

“What of all the trauma that I have experienced in my life? Surely I did not choose all of that!”

We create from two levels of ourselves, from our highest self that is the one consciousness and from our thinking minds. So the trauma that we have experienced in our lives was brought into creation in order for us to re-member who we truly are and to become the highest, greatest version of ourselves beyond the illusion of this life. If we continue to experience trauma and suffering throughout our lives, we have chosen to continue to walk in illusion and when we begin to awaken from the illusion and into the truth of who we are we begin to shift our entire life experience.

When you can stand before yourself and honour yourself as Divinity expressed, then you are able to step into a new paradigm. One where you no longer resist the flow of life because you are so deeply aligned with the truth of who you are that you have absolute trust that the journey is precisely where you need to be and you surrender to the Spirit of yourself, you surrender to God.

When we allow ourselves to come from the Godliness within, we then have no choice but to recognise the true beauty of who we are individually and collectively and this is where true Love exists. The moment you can know yourself in truth is the moment that you know the true meaning of Love and all else fades in comparison. When you live your life from this place, life becomes for you far greater than what you have ever known or dreamed of before.


In La K’ech Ala K’in

I am another you


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