Stop. Look. Adjust. Move.

Fifteen years ago, after moving through a rather troubling time to say the least, my Mom was faced with a choice. Her middle child was in crisis. All the trauma that had been sitting buried within came bubbling up and exploded forth with a vengeance, the cloud of ash looming over her child cast a dark shadow over all those that loved her. The choice was not a difficult one however, either she sends her child to a pyschologist or register her on The Human Touch workshop. The workshop was the final choice and that middle child, is Me.

The Human Touch workshop was created by Stephen and Kathleen Norval and covered Universal Principles that govern life. These are the very principles that are taught in my workshop Reflections and have changed my life. This is not to say that I have perfected these principles in my day-to-day life, in the words of my friend and mentor Kathleen ... "We still have the human condition."

As I teach these principles in my own unique way, so I work with them deeper and deeper in my own life, with different one's rising up to the fore, testing, testing, making me go deeper and deeper and integrating them more and more.

One of the principles that has arisen in my life is Balance and Adjustment. It has done so through the expression of my business and the stall I have encountered so far this year. After an amazing year in 2017, laying the foundations of my work, presenting my workshops, growing and expanding within myself so rapidly on levels I never even dreamed of, I was fired up for this year ... ready to take it on and take off, but it didn't happen. Why? Why when I have worked so hard am I sitting in this place, I wondered.

Life works in wonderful ways, always teaching, always guiding, always pushing us to go deeper, push the boundaries, work harder at what we love and level up. We don't just play the same level on a video game, so why should life be the same?

Stephen used the acronym SLAM to explain the principle of Balance and Adjustment ... Stop. Look. Adjust. Move. When we are out of alignment we recognise this through the discomfort that presents itself in our lives. In my case, the discomfort has been the experience of lack. Lack of work. Lack of money. Lack of stability in my physical environment. Life has been calling out, speaking loud and clear ... "Tatz, open your heart, see what needs doing, make the adjustment and balance will be restored." I hear you Life, I hear you.

I could feel myself going deeper and deeper into the egoic-mind over the past few weeks, which I couldn't understand because I had been through some amazing personal breakthroughs. The wisdom of these breakthroughs felt as if they were deeply concreted in my heart, yet Life was saying to me "Ah, now that you have the wisdom, it is time for integration."

All I can say is ... WOW ... what a few weeks it has been on the roller-coaster that is the process of integration. The heart-mind has had its work cut out having to soothe the egoic-mind on a daily basis, multiple times. Tears have been shed, from the space of non-judgement. I have sat in the pain, felt it deeply, witnessed where my different forms of pain show up in my body. I have felt the blockage inside of me growing and growing, wanting to be released as the pressure has built up inside of me.

I knew what needed to be done. I knew that changes needed to be made, on so many levels. I knew that the time had come to shift this energy, let it free .... Breathe. Feel. Release. So two nights ago I danced. I danced and cried and let it move physically, emotionally, mentally. Shift, shift, shift. It is time!

Then yesterday morning I woke up to an email ... my entire business brand recreated, simplified yet magnified. New logo, new look, new cards, new flyers and beautiful. So I got straight to work. Recreated my entire website. In the afternoon my beautiful Soul-Sister in South Africa got onto a video call with me and we swept through what I had done. Simplify further. She re-created all my important images, emailed them through. We were on our call until after 10pm last night.

Stop. Look. Adjust. Move.

When the discomfort arises, acknowledge it, listen to it, be guided by it, surrender to it, don't collapse. Feel everything. Breathe and release. Don't give up just before the miracle occurs. Your body will let you know when you are re-aligned because the discomfort will transform into a feeling of pure joy, confidence returns, the fire within burns bright once more and our hearts open to the Abundance that is life.

So, I call to you today to listen to the discomfort of life so that you may be guided to move into alignment with your purpose, so that you begin to learn how to listen through your body and realise that it is your physical antenna that is communicating with you at all times exactly what it is that you need to know. We so often ignore our bodies. When we get sick, we medicate. When we feel discomfort, we medicate through all sorts of means. So many of us have lost the connection with our physical selves and forgotten what our bodies truly are.

It is time for us to level up. The world is changing in vast and rapid ways ... and not just in the ways that are presented through the media. There is a change in consciousness, an uprising of the Soul in magnificent and beautiful ways. It is time to re-member who we truly are and what we are actually capable of in this life experience.

So I call to you today ... "Come, Level Up with Me!"

In La'kech

I Am Another You


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