Am I Vegan

Am I Vegan/Vegetarian?

I have been expecting this question to come up for quite some time now and I woke this morning with a private message on Facebook asking precisely that. So, I thought I would answer this question and put it down here right now, so that way, for those that wish to know it is done.

No. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian. I was full vegetarian for 2 years and then ate mostly plant based with occasional seafood for a further 11 years. By the end of it I became severely anaemic and unwell, to the point where I was continually passing out at work, physically exhausted and had no energy. I was at lunch with a friend one day who, I might add, is a Yoga instructor and vegan; and I was talking to her about what was happening with my health. Her words to me were …

“Tatty, eat a steak.”

What? Really? I was actually surprised to hear this coming from her mouth, but there it was. Eat a steak. Wow, okay. I grappled with this idea within myself and eventually I went to the shops and bought myself a steak. I would forget about eating meat for weeks and then the light-headedness would return and I would feel weak, tired and ill. “Tatty, eat a steak.” So, the reason I returned to an omnivorous diet was for my health. I would like to add here that I have always eaten mostly healthy, so I was not getting ill from eating unhealthy foods.

Within my personal spiritual practise I have read so many people’s thoughts, beliefs and opinions on what I “should” look like in order to be a spiritual teacher, and apparently I need to only eat a plant-based diet, I should also be a non-smoker, non-drinker and abstain from any and all substances that may alter my mind in any way. I am going to tell you all that I am NONE of these things. I have herbs in my garden that alter your mind for lucid dreaming if drunk in a tea before sleep, others that take you deep within and aid on spiritual journeys, for example (all legal!), I float between smoking and not smoking, I absolutely LOVE red wine and whiskey and I eat meat. Do these things sever my connection with Spirit … No, and anyone who has been in session with me will know that this answer is 100% true. Do these things define me as a spiritual being? No, because every single one of us, no matter who we are or what we do are ultimately spiritual beings. Do I need to be what others expect of me? No, what another thinks of me is none of my business.

My partner and I live a permaculture lifestyle. We grow all our own food and medicine, we buy locally sourced organic produce from farms that we KNOW treat their animals well. We no longer buy chicken because we KNOW that even grown humanely it is only 10 weeks from hatched to plate. We give back to the Earth and back to the People and I live my life in service through the work that I do. We buy very little from the shops, we save on power, we save on water and we live Consciously in our lives doing the best that we can to be the best that we can for the environment.

So … there it is. I am quite aware, that some may hold me in judgement and that is okay, this is your journey and Blessings to you. I know too, that there are also those that may choose not to work with me, and this too is okay. Anyhow, I wanted to address this and speak my Truth. I do not do so in order to “defend” my position in this life experience, but to be transparent and open.

Blessings All.

In La’kech

I Am Another You


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