Wars of the World - a self-perpetuating story.

I, like many others, scroll through Facebook looking at posts shared by friends and family. Some I find amusing and have a little giggle, some I flick right past with disinterest, others captivate me and have me reading comment threads (I don’t usually post comments myself, but I like to see what people have to say), some have me so captivated that I do some of my own research and read various studies and articles on the topic at hand in order to educate myself. One commonality that I find in all of the controversial posts that I may choose to explore is the strength of belief within those that are having these discussions and the vehemence with which they express these beliefs. There are the condescenders, the self-righteous; the obnoxious; the downright rude; the arrogant and then there are also the kind, the compassionate; the open, however the latter are fewer and further between to say the very least.

Within my own spirituality I have wrestled with many of these ideas, concepts and beliefs that I have explored and the only reason I have wrestled them is due to the many expectations and attachments that are held of those that are spiritual teachers and healers, and what it is that they “should” look like. If I am spiritual do I have to be anything other than what I always have been? Do I need to cease enjoying my life in the ways that I have previously? Do I need to abstain from things that bring me enjoyment, a beer, a whiskey, a wine? Do I now need to fulfil an image of purism in order to be an expression of spiritual enlightenment? This has been my own personal inner “war” and one that I believed that I needed to wage through fighting aspects of my life that I judged as “unspiritual” through the judgements that I have seen from others. I now know that the answer to every one of those questions is a resounding NO!

What I have deeply integrated into my own self is that I need not Do anything in order to BE spiritual. There are the self-righteous beliefs that circulate the internet and social media that anyone who does not conform to a given way of life can by no means be spiritually advanced. If you are not in some way “purist” then you are a fake or a phony and some of these very people that enforce these beliefs feel that they are somehow elevated in consciousness, they wage a war on anyone that goes against their view point, whether this is in regard to religion/anti-religion; veganism/anti-veganism; vaxxers/anti-vaxxers; smokers/anti-smokers; home-schoolers/anti-home-schoolers; and so on; and so on; and so on. Waging wars has been proven to not solve any problems, don’t believe me? Just take a look at our global history and the current state of our world. Waging war on any level only creates and perpetuates separatism and elitism, in other words, when you go to war for a cause or belief that you hold you are not only defeating the purpose but you are creating more of that which you are warring against. The Universe that is the Genie in the bottle says “Your wish is my command Master,” and has no choice but to offer up to you more of the same, this is the basic Law of Attraction at work.

I know that to begin to create change, we start within and so it is with this wisdom I have ceased my inner-warfare. I no longer fight against being who and how I am in order to present to the world what I believe they wish to see of a spiritual teacher and healer. I know that in my own personal practise that I have been shown countless times that no matter what I do in this life of mine I am still deeply connected to Spirit, that I am able to perform my service to Humanity regardless of whether I celebrated with friends on the weekend or fasted and meditated. My point is that if we wish to create change we do so by gently sharing our beliefs and allowing others to be as they are without any judgement, expectation or condemnation. If we look at the teachings that we are all energy, energy cannot be created nor destroyed but simply changes form, then we are all connected and essentially we are all one, by we, I mean not only people, but we are One with everything … EVERYTHING!!! … and if this is the case, then when we condemn another through our judgements, labels and attachments we are quite simply condemning an aspect of ourselves, for in truth, there is no other.

We all have within us the capacity to Be everything that we see externally, in actual fact, we are all that and more. To create change we empower ourselves and all others with grace and humility not by force-feeding our views and opinions down the throats of those we deem morally inept or lacking. We lead by example with surrender to what is and the wisdom to know that each is on their journey of self-discovery in whatever way or form that is. It is not for us to condemn another because we feel that their journey is less than our own, if we are to truly embody the truth of spirituality we honour every other as an expression of ourselves. We honour their personal journey and the reflection that they present for our own selves in our growth and expansion. We honour the fact that all life on Earth, no matter what it looks like, is an expression of the Divine. We cease the wars, we cease the hatred and we open our hearts to unconditional Love.

This is the path to Freedom.

In La'kech

I AM Another You


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