How You Are Sabotaging Your Life

Do you find yourself cycling through the same thoughts, feelings and experiences over and over again? Does Life keep showing up in the same negative way, no matter how hard you try? Have you asked yourself, "Why does this always happen to me?" Here's why ...

What is happening here is that you are subconsciously reacting to life from conditioned responses that have been programmed into your body through the experiences in your life. You have a thought, the thought creates a biological reaction in your body through creating different chemicals associated with what is occurring in your life. When you are experiencing joy the body creates the associated happy hormones and when you are feeling stressed, anxious or threatened the body creates the survival or fight and flight hormones.

So, if you are continually stressed, anxious or living life in survival mode your body is creating the necessary biological reaction, fight or flight mode, and this is taking up much of your energy. You have a thought and that thought creates an emotion, which is energy in motion, and that emotion then creates an associated behaviour. If all of your energy is going into surviving, which is a heightened physical state, then there is not enough energy to create the happy hormones and eventually your physical self falls into imbalance and so we create within ourselves dis-ease.

Do you see what is happening here? Your thoughts are quite literally creating your experience of your life.

When we look at it from a biological perspective the teachings of mindfulness and meditation begin to make sense and we see that spirituality is not a belief system but rather a way of actually Being. It is not a church that we go to once a week or prayers that we say daily, but how we live our lives in each and every moment.

So what does this mean? How do I change my thinking? What is mindfulness anyway?

What this means is that your brain is a powerful tool of creation and, when you understand how it works, you have the capability to transform your life and create the reality of your choosing. You change your thinking by observing the brain/body relationship and beginning to understand the software of this super-computer that is your physical form. Mindfulness is connecting to the Awareness that is you, beyond the limited beliefs that you hold of yourself, and catching old patterns of thought and behaviour in order to change them.

"But I have tried this and I don't know what I am doing."

"I don't know how to meditate."

"This sounds like such hard work."

All of these statements are the ego at work. For most of us we have spent much of our lives with the ego running the show. In my workshops I offer particpants this understanding of the ego and whether or not you have children you will understand this analogy ... imagine a home and their is an adult and a 5 year old child in the house. Now, imagine that for one day the child is in charge, literally has free reign to do whatever it chooses to do. This also means that the child looks after itself in every way, the adult is there, but asleep. What does this look like?

Chaos? ... absolutely. What about when the child is trying to unsuccessfully achieve something ... frustration and temper tantrums? Definitely. The house would be in disarray, the child would be a mess in more ways than one and the clean up, well .... you get where I am going with this don't you? Can you imagine the relief when the adult "awakens" from their slumber to take over and guide the child? If the child is the ego in this analogy, then the environment is the body and the adult is the higher self, the Awareness or Consciousness or Infinite Intelligence and awakening is the return to this Awareness and stepping into a life beyond your imagining.

When we come to the truth of who we are and the knowledge of our true capabilities, we then allow the child/ego to take it's rightful place in the grand scheme of our lives. We embark on the journey to Know Thyself and when you embark on that journey you begin the clean-up process and create change on a cellular level. All this takes is a willingness to go within, a willingness to look at yourself and how you are Being, because our only job as Human Beings is to do just that ... Be, and you get to choose how it is that you are going to Be.

Do you choose to Be the grandest version of the greatest vision you could possibly hold of yourself or do you choose to continue on the hamster wheel of misfortune for the rest of your days? It is, after all, your choice, so choose wisely.

"Okay, so I want to awaken and live my life in fulfilment, what now?"

As I said before, go within, become Present. The ego exists in two places, the past and the future. It attaches judgement and labels to past experiences, creates a physical biological memory of these experiences and then projects them onto the future. Think about a type of situation or relationship issue you have always had ... can't keep a job because you always have issues with your work colleagues, family gatherings are always a drama, your relationships always end up unfaithful ... you go into the "always" experience with the same thought, which then produces the same biological reaction, which then produces the same experience and so it is that your past projecting onto your future becomes your experience of the Now.

Presence is living each moment in the present, that is to say the Now, beyond the experience of the past and beyond the projection of the past into your future. Eckhart Tolle describes Presence as Consciousness without thought. When you are fully present you are able to access far greater reaches of your potential because you are living beyond your limited judgement of yourself, of others, of your situation, of life itself.

Do you realise that there will NEVER be another moment in your life quite the same as this one, or the one's that have passed, or the one's that will come? You may move through the same morning routine every day ... wake up. Make coffee. Flick through emails or Facebook or sit in the garden. Brush your teeth. Get dressed and so on .... however, there will always be subtle differences in every experience of the same routine. How fantastic! If you never repeat the same experience in totality again in your lifetime, would you not choose to fully immerse yourself into every single Now moment? Would you not choose to become so deeply Present in your life that even the mundane becomes magical, the repetitive becomes an opportunity for awakening and you step fully into your life?

I know this is what I choose for myself and I can tell you that my life has transformed into an experience of myself that if you asked me a few years ago I would not have even dreamed it! And it was a choice ... I chose to step into the journey of knowing myself, understanding how I have limited myself through beliefs that were all lies and opening myself up to the limitless possibilities that exist through knowing the truth of who I Am.

How did I do this ... I started a daily meditation practise. I became aware of my breath and how I was breathing. I turned the so-called mundane into meditation by becoming present in the experience and aware of my breath. I started observing my thoughts and reactions, and in so doing became able to change my conditioned reactions into responses that came from a place of Love and not fear. This means that I noticed when I became defensive, upset, angry, irritated, frustrated and any other way I was Being. The more I became aware of these habits, the easier it became to change them. I developed a deeper, more appreciative relationship with my physical body and began feeling into where all these emotions would show up within myself. If I caught a cold or got sick, I looked inside myself and asked what was causing this physical manifestation of mental and emotional distress. I reconnected my mind, body and spirit with the realisation that they are interconnected and function as a whole.

We have become so separate from our physical selves that at the slightest sign of an illness or dis-ease we are off to the doctor to be prescribed the medication that is going to make us better and cure us of our ailments, when in actual fact our bodies are communicating to us what we are failing to listen to. I caught a virus on a plane trip home from Sydney, my partners Mum said she had just shaken it herself and it had lasted two weeks for her. Here is my experience:

Day 1: Began feeling ill in the early evening, went to bed early.

Day 2: Stayed in bed. Meditated and went into my body. Immersed myself into the physical experience that was occurring and explored my symptoms, was able to connect my symptoms to what was actually going on in my mental and emotional self. I also drank freshly picked herbal teas from my garden throughout the day.

Day 3: Through the realisation of what was really occurring I released the physical selfs need to continue communicating the issue and ... Felt way better.

Day 4: Totally fine.

When we understand the connections of our thoughts, emotions and physical reactions we are able to heal ourselves in the most magnificent ways. There are countless stories of people that have been given only a short while to live, nothing more could be done for them medically, they then have a realisation within themselves and then suddenly or in a few weeks they are completely cleared of the dis-ease. This is the power that we have at our hands.

So, with all that said, I ask you, how are you Being?

In La'kech

I Am Another You


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