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Dear Reader

You are invited to receive Tatz debut book The Inner Art of You and I, for a donation amount of your choice to support the funding of Ignite Youth Program.


Ignite's vision is to support young people in building resilience; learning coping strategies and enhance overall mental health and well-being.

100% of the contributions towards The Inner Art of You and I will now and always go towards supporting this and future projects to be offered far into the future.

Blue Phoenix Spirit will soon become a Trust to continue the ongoing support in the community and eventually expand to fulfil a wider vision for the future including the purchase of a property to build facilities and food gardens that will support all kinds of camps, workshops, retreats and stays focused on facilitating a space of healing, empowerment and personal growth.

Regardless of funds raised, Tatz will be facilitating the first presentation of Ignite at the beginning of the school term and is incredibly excited to get things moving.

Thank You for your support and may The Inner Art of You and I offer you at least one message to support your journey in this life.

Love and Blessings

Blue Phoenix Spirit

I would like this to be accessible to EVERYONE and so there are multiple ways in which to read my book which include FREE options.

You can buy the eBook or paperback on various online platforms including Amazon and iBooks, simply search the following:

ISBN 9781922381033

You can click the button 'Get My eBook' to be directed to a space where you can make a donation towards Blue Phoenix Spirit.

You can read download it for FREE by clicking the following link:

Or you can read it online for FREE by clicking this link:

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Blue Phoenix Spirit is dedicated to igniting the inner fire of passion in others that promotes mental health and well-being