The Fire of Purpose

Blue Phoenix Spirit started in 2017, the original business was a therapeutic and spiritual service delivered by Tatz Holmes. As of 1st of January 2020, Blue Phoenix Spirit is working towards becoming a Trust that will support mental health and wellness programs to be facilitated in the wider community.

Tatz has long held a greater vision for the future that includes creating a retreat facility that will support a variety of programs for young people and adults in a natural environment where they are able to reconnect with the Earth and be supported in various activities and mental health supports.

Blue Phoenix Spirit is dedicated to offering alternative options to people in the community seeking a deeper level of self-awareness, personal empowerment and spiritual growth.


Our First Project

Our first project is to raise funds for a program called Ignite to be delivered in schools over an eight week period offering group therapeutic supports to build resilience; learn simple and effective coping strategies; develop positive relationships and build a network of young people supporting each other.

The greater purpose of Ignite is to not only create mental health awareness amongst young people in general, but to offer a collaborative, supportive peer environment in a therapeutic setting where young people feel safe to share and grow together.

Blue Phoenix Spirit was looking to apply for external funding for this project but is now looking to self-fund through Tatz debut book The Inner Art of You and I.  Regardless of available funds, Tatz will be rolling out Ignite into the first school in the first term on this year, having already had meetings with a school in the region and sent out information to several others.

What is Ignite?

Tatz has worked with young people over several years in a variety of capacities and connects easily, quickly building a strong rapport and brings her young-hearted, vibrant energy to her work which young people easily relate to.

Ignite has been created out of recognising a gap in community services and aims at targeting young people in a larger group context, that offers guidance and supports that meet them in the present and build on their capacity to create a positive, grounded future. 


Ignite will bring young people together in groups to create the platform for a socially supportive network in order to cultivate inclusion; compassion and community amongst youth. 


Ignite also aims to create a strong youth network within the community on a social media platform in the future that offers peer mentoring or a buddy system that will support young people experiencing mental health issues or at risk of self-harm or suicide. 

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Tatz is raising funds through donations in exchange for her newly released debut book

'The Inner Art of You and I'

If you would like to support the Ignite program and receive an incredible insight into the fine art of living your best life then to make your donation and either download or read online for free ...


Blue Phoenix Spirit is dedicated to igniting the inner fire of passion in others that promotes mental health and well-being